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clinical trials
Business Insights

16 Reasons Why People Join Clinical Trials

By On December 7, 2015

In my last post I discussed issues and reasons why people choose not to participate in clinical trials.  This week, I’m looking at the flipside, reasons people do choose to participate in trials They were… Read More

clinical trials
Business Insights

25 Reasons People Aren’t Enrolling in Your Clinical Trial

By On October 29, 2015

25 Reasons People Aren’t Enrolling in Your Clinical Trial We’ve long heard about the lack of participation in clinical trials and how slow poor enrollment dogs many, if not most, clinical trials… Read More

international business etiquette
Business Insights

Tips for Avoiding International Business Blunders

By On October 27, 2014

Remember your international business etiquette! I remember November 2006 like it was yesterday. I was on a 10-day assignment in St. Petersburg, Russia, as managing editor of my then-employer’s flagship monthly magazine.… Read More

DIA Annual Meeting 2014
Life-Science Events

We’re Burning Rubber at DIA

By On June 13, 2014

DIA Annual Meeting: A Preview Team Imperial invites 2014 DIA attendees to get in the driver’s seat … literally … at the Imperial FSP Grand Prix in the race to win up to… Read More

communicating with clarity
Business Insights

Get to the Point! Communicating with Clarity

By On June 9, 2014

5 Secrets to Communicating with Clarity As a writer, I love words for their ability to inform, inspire, illustrate, and evoke emotions. Yet few things irk me more than verbosity, whether written or… Read More

performance management
Patient Recruitment and Retention

7 Secrets to Successful Patient Advertising

By On April 11, 2014

Successful patient advertising requires more than a novel product, ample budget and strategic placement. It requires consumer insights and creative skills to engage, inform and inspire audiences to take action. Whether you’re… Read More

Translation of Study Materials

Translation on Trial: Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Study

By On February 21, 2014

As clinical trials continue their current course of global expansion, translation has become a critical component in developing patient recruitment materials. But all translation companies are not created equal. Before hiring a vendor… Read More

Site Materials & Logistics

Developing Regulatory-Compliant Patient Materials

By On January 17, 2014

Every study needs a voice — messaging that communicates the trial sponsor’s core objectives. Patient recruitment professionals provide this through compelling content and artful designs that resonate with target audiences and inspire… Read More

Patient Recruitment and Retention

Avoid These Top 5 Multicultural Marketing Mistakes

By On November 8, 2013

The emergence of personalized medicine adds new complexity to patient recruitment, as clinical trial sponsors require participants to meet more granular criteria, including ethnicity. The challenge for drug development companies is to… Read More

Patient Recruitment and Retention

What’s in a Name? The Power of Study Branding

By On September 9, 2013

Early in my tenure with DAC Patient Recruitment Services, back when we were D. Anderson & Company, we presented a proposal defense to a pharmaceutical company that was sponsoring a study aimed… Read More