Imperial provides specialized services to help bridge the gap from clinical trial to approval. With skills and experience critical to making your trial a success, we assist at every step or target the specific areas of your choice – from protocol creation to study closeout.

Imperial by the Numbers

Imperial provides end-to-end support for your clinical trial. We deliver all of this with a professional, personal touch, and a positive, hassle-free experience.

Our History

Imperial began as a printer, and over the decades became the go-to printer for many businesses, including members of the medical and clinical trials industry.

Imperial has enjoyed a long history of performance recognition by our clients and the industry. Recognition has continued in recent years as Imperial has won over a dozen creative awards for patient recruitment and engagement materials, video and web projects, apps, and more.

Through organic expansion and strategic acquisition, Imperial has become a full-service global leader in clinical trial services, which include study and site materials, ancillary supplies and equipment, clinical translation management, and patient engagement. Imperial was part of Bissell Inc. for many decades and is still owned by the Bissell family today.

From site startup to study closeout (and everything in between), Imperial is ready to put our global operational expertise to work for you. We deliver all of this with a professional, personal touch, and a positive, hassle-free experience. 

Best Place to Work

Imperial is very proud to be named one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in West Michigan. We received this honor from the National Association for Business Resources. As a member of the 5THGEN family of companies, our company culture focuses on our company’s “why” to positively impact lives. That includes the lives of our team members, who live our company values to positively impact the lives of our customers, suppliers, communities, and fellow team members. Read More

We Run On EOS

Professionalism is built around process, which is a key principle at Imperial. Why? Because process delivers predictable results and inspires confidence. This is why we utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

EOS provides a robust organization and management process for everything we do companywide. With long-term goals as a framework (a 10-Year Target, a 3-Year Picture, and a 1-Year Plan), we apply EOS’s multiple tools to create daily, weekly, and quarterly activities that keep us focused and on track to deliver effectively on our vision.

Why does this matter to our customers, our teams, and our vendor partners? EOS ensures predictability, dependability, and the confidence that we are continually looking to the future with a cohesive functional leadership team and a focused, accountable workforce. This people operating system gets everyone working toward the same goals to allow for growth and vitality.

Imperial's Core Values

At Imperial, our core values play a vital role in our culture. They define who we are. They motivate us to be and provide the very best. We apply our values to strategy, decision-making, prioritizing, hiring, and our behavior—in short, to everything we do.

We Exceed Expectations

Trying, even when we think we cannot; taking what everyone else does, and doing it better; making someone say “WOW” because of their experience with us.

We Pursue Growth and Learning

Driving to be our own teacher; living and breathing improvement; inspiring and mentoring; seeking opportunities to learn from anyone and everyone.

We Believe in “One-Team” Teamwork

Saying “Hi” to team members every day; a firm belief that two heads are better than one; care that team members are growing in what they do every day.

We are Passionate and Determined

Protect the company culture; ask for forgiveness vs. permission; make decisions based on our values and culture above all else; go to battle if it is the right thing for our company.

We Have a Desire to Serve

Taking the time to teach vs. just do; seeking first to understand, then to solve; putting the gain of others before our own.

We Do the Right Thing

Being able to address a coworker, vendor, or customer if they are looking to break the rules; being driven by ethics and morality in personal and professional life; doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Imperial's Values