CRO-Centered Services


Our goal is simple – to help you win and retain business. Imperial has undertaken a decades-long journey to become the only provider in the clinical space that delivers a full suite of unique CRO services and customized support. 

Your Backroom Resource

Time is golden. The clock is always ticking, and Imperial can free up hours and days for you. We give you a competitive advantage and add significantly to your portfolio of services by becoming your backroom resource. We step in wherever you need us, work side by side with you, and can remain seamlessly behind the scenes.


What We Do

We specialize in addressing some of the most disruptive study challenges, including:

  • Study startup
  • Managing the clinical site selection process
  • Recruiting and engaging patients
  • Site feasibility and activation
  • First patient in
  • Global logistics
  • Stipend management/reimbursement
  • Timeline management


You Choose

Some of our clients like control and select specific services from Imperial based on distinct study needs, including clinical trial startup and recruitment and engagement. Other clients prefer convenience, and they simplify by engaging Imperial as a full-service clinical study solution that can take them from beginning to end.

 At Imperial, we cater to both points of view.


Process, Discipline, and Execution

We get the job done. Our work is fueled by best practices for global project management, and our engaged project managers (not order-takers) are dedicated to the success of your studies and have a track record of success.

Meet Your Study Goals Without the Hassle

Bridge a full set of study management gaps or get bolt-on-specific services from our subject matter experts.

Study and Site Print Materials

Site tools and materials for study management, data collection, and patient engagement have long been an Imperial specialty. With the creative team and the printing operation at a single company, you will experience streamlined precision unavailable elsewhere. And we are experts at crossing the finish line: We create, print, fulfill, and distribute more than 50,000 shipments annually into over 100 countries for our clients.

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Clinical Trial Translation Management

Accuracy counts when it comes to translations, and that's why our team of translators is vetted, in-country, and has clinical experience. Imperial offers high-quality translations into more than 100 languages and dialects. 

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Ancillary Trial Supplies and Equipment

Our services go far beyond procurement, offering everything from managing expiry to technology programming. We have years of expertise in getting supplies and equipment to their international destinations and working through bureaucratic red tape.

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Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Imperial gives you evidence-based global support services for subject recruitment and retention based on decades of experience. Our award-winning creative services, messaging, and solutions are proven to drive study interest and obtain results in the patient, caregiver, and medical communities.

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