Study and Site Materials

Getting the Message Out

Imperial is a trusted name in printing and global fulfillment for clinical trial materials. Our printed and electronic products include site and patient engagement materials, PRO documents, investigational site binders, highly customized site kits, site closeout services, and much more. 

Imperial began as a printer. Our many decades of printing excellence and unyielding attention to detail provides a rock-solid foundation of know-how, as well as muscular agility for full production flexibility in support of your clinical research study.

Materials Development

Imperial’s subject matter experts work with you to create indispensable trial resources for sites, physicians, and patients. Whether print or electronic, from concept through finished product, your materials are skillfully developed to assist the end user and enhance your trial.


Even with new avenues of communication opened by the digital age, printed pieces continue to fill unique needs in trials. Imperial’s strong roots as a printer for the medical industry help us deliver the commitment to excellence and the attention to detail your project requires, including complex, large scale assignments.

Global Fulfillment

Trial resources need to reach their destinations. From ancillary supplies and medical equipment to printed pieces, we’ve mastered the red tape and arduous logistics to get your items to their destinations, from nearby addresses to the far reaches of the globe.

Imperial is a full-service company that provides you with the convenience of just one supplier to set up, one contract to execute, and one account to manage your clinical trials. And there are many more ways Imperial will make meeting your study goals more simple and hassle-free.