Patient Engagement

The Art of the Trial

Patients often have several health care and treatment options, and competition for participants is very real.

Perspective and Experience

Imperial is a leader in clinical trial recruitment and retention. For us, every trial is different, every indication is unique, and every participant is special.

Imperial’s broad base of services includes dedicated protocol support, patient engagement, and patient retention uniquely focused on each indication.

We have managed campaigns representing 16,000 sites in more than 100 countries, engaging 100,000 participants.


Creative Services

Recruiting patients for clinical trials is an art and a science. Imperial’s award-winning creative team specializes in capturing the patient’s attention and inspiring them to join a clinical trial, as well as keeping them interested and engaged. Imperial’s fresh and engaging materials, both print and digital, will give your study a fitting look and a unique identity.

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Tools to Connect

Site tools and materials for clinical trial recruitment, retention, and increased engagement have long been an Imperial specialty. Our full list of offerings includes:

  • Promotional pieces (print and digital)
  • Educational materials
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Retention tools
  • Physician referral tools
  • Community outreach and advocacy group engagement
  • Site-directed tools
  • Websites
  • Video production
  • Study apps
  • Translation management
  • Patient comfort items
  • Stipend/reimbursement management
  • Study branding

Imperial is a full-service company that provides you with the convenience of just one supplier to set up, one contract to execute, and one account to manage your clinical trials. And there are many more ways Imperial will make meeting your study goals more simple and hassle-free.