Clinical Translation Management

Precise Communication is Key

When it comes to clinical trial translation services, it is essential to use a vendor that has processes, expertise, and integrity you can trust. Translating is an art that requires scientific precision.

Every word counts and getting translations right is paramount. Imperial Translation Services’ quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek. Our medical translators accurately translate clinical trial documents into more than 130 languages and dialects. Our broad scope and attention to quality is why our clinical research translation services are relied upon by some of the industry's most trusted sponsors and clinical research organizations.  

Global Reach

  • Support for 100+ languages and locales
  • Established global network of fully credentialed in-country linguists
  • Experienced, multilingual project management team
  • 50,000+ global shipments to sites annually

Quality Assurance

Imperial is committed to:

  • Meeting or exceeding our customers’ translation and translation project management needs
  • Satisfying customer and applicable legal/regulatory requirements
  • Continual improvement of our quality management system

Our goal is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality, specialized translation and translation project management services, on time and error-free.


Integrated Services   

  • Translation, editing, back translation, and proofreading
  • Medical writing and graphic design
  • Localization and cultural adaptation
  • Management of the in-country review process
  • Expert medical review
  • Linguistic validation of PRO instruments
  • Website translation and layout
  • Print-ready DTP/formatting
  • Print production and global logistics

Technology Resources

  • Translation Memory (TM) software to improve quality, reduce timelines, and control costs
  • Web-based translation project management system with version control and client portal
  • Text verification software for improved quality assurance

Imperial is a full-service company that provides you with the convenience of just one supplier to set up, one contract to execute, and one account to manage your clinical trials. And there are many more ways Imperial will make meeting your study goals more simple and hassle-free.