The Imperial blog team took a look at our 2023 clinical trial blogs, and we’re shining the spotlight on our top six picks. So here they are, in no particular order: six clinical trial blogs worth reading (and re-reading).

1. Supply Chain: Master these key logistic challenges

Our world gets smaller and more connected every day, yet clinical research supply chain logistics is always a challenge. Don’t miss our tips on mastering key issues. READ NOW

2. Importer of record: What you need to know

International shipping of clinical study materials and equipment is a skill, a science, and an art. The importer of record is at the heart of this process and the reason this continues to be a hot topic. READ NOW

3. An effective tool in clinical trial communications: Asking “why”

One simple question – Why? – is a valuable communication tool that can lead to sound decisions plus success as an individual and a team. READ NOW

4. Positive mindset leadership tool

A positive attitude and a negative attitude are both forces that can impact a clinical trial company’s culture and performance. Learn how combating negative feelings and behaviors can improve performance. READ NOW

5. Future of clinical trials

We’ve seen changes in the clinical trials industry, but what lies ahead? Here is a discussion about patient recruitment, technology, and of course, artificial intelligence, and how our industry is more open to change. READ NOW

6. Printed materials for clinical trials

Printed materials are must-have tools for global clinical trials. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how we support research studies using print and today’s digital technologies, which are both versatile and eco-friendly. READ NOW

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