Imperial COVID-19 Update

by imperialcrsblog

Recent years have tested the flexibility and resolve of the clinical research industry, from COVID to Brexit to war. Imperial has remained steadfast in its efforts to help our clients navigate this highly dynamic environment.

Our business is built around bridging gaps in study conduct, and we have supported and assisted our clients through these turbulent times by leveraging the very same 4 pillars that support our bridge:

  • Extensive expertise and experience
  • Talented and passionate people
  • Commitment to simplify the way our clients engage with us
  • Relentless focus on execution

These examples highlight how we have flexed to support and overcome client challenges:

  • Designed, tested, and, proven methods for getting materials and supplies into and across Europe
  • Shortened turn times for fast COVID vaccine trial launches
  • Expanded service hours as needed to meet customers’ timelines
  • Identified elevated geographic risks due to the war and helped clients quickly shift their footing and redirect materials and supplies to other locations

We are here to support your team in continuing to adjust to a rapidly changing world. We provide comprehensive or a la carte support, depending on your needs. Use the Contact Us form to have an Imperial team member contact you within 24 hours.