Imperial COVID-19 Update

by imperialcrsblog

Imperial Clinical Research Services has mobilized to overcome the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We have been selected by sponsors and CROs to support their COVID-19 vaccine and treatment studies with our services. We take that selection as a great honor and have developed a unique set of commitments to companies that request our support for such critical endeavors. We are proud to be a consistent, reliable partner to our clients and share this commitment with you.

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 local, state, national, and international regulations and guidance, to ensure compliance with requirements as well as for the protection, health, and safety of our teams. We would welcome an opportunity to speak with you, learn more about your needs and challenges during this unique time, and determine how we might be of value to you and your teams.

Please call or email us if you are interested in our support for your studies, including your COVID-19 trials.