Investigator Meetings: Tips to Give Your Meetings Extra Impact

by Dave Woodard
Investigator Meetings for Clinical Research

Are you doing everything possible to make your next investigator meeting a real success? Explore our tips to make your next meeting even better!

Investigator meetings (IMs) are ripe opportunities for sponsors and/or their CRO partners to get sites excited about the study.

It’s the perfect opportunity for a big reveal of the physical materials developed to support and promote the study.

Ideally, print materials presented at the IM should include the all-important patient education materials and not just site reference materials.

Site Reference Materials Frequently Include:

  • Site investigator’s brochure
  • Protocol or study synopsis
  • Investigator manual
  • Informed consent forms
  • AE reporting materials
  • Study calendar
  • Training presentation handouts

Patient Education Materials Often Include Study Branded Items, Including:

  • Recruitment flyers and posters
  • Recruitment brochures
  • Visit procedure guides
  • Family/loved-one/caregiver guidebooks
  • Illustrated informed consent flip-charts

For Meaningful Impact, Move Beyond The Basics

Let’s face it, sites like swag! The right materials (and supplies vendor) can help. While the important materials listed above are a given, it is possible to overlook the opportunity to develop materials that support the investigator meeting itself.

These promotional items can feature your study logo, sponsor logo, or both:

  • Branded pens
  • Insulated water bottles
  • Leather folios
  • Backpacks and tote bags
  • Golf shirts or T-shirts

That’s just scratching the surface! Imperial vice president of business development Dan McDonald recommends taking a photo of the entire IM group smiling in their study shirts proudly bearing the study logo.

“It’s a terrific way to promote a united team and the depth and breadth of talented individuals who work together to execute your important study,” Dan said.

The group photo can also serve to foster team building in study update newsletters.

Digital tools Digital products like instructional videos and video presentations (live and recorded) can also be very impactful and are becoming common tools for education, communication, compliance, and best practices.

Hope Cullen, Imperial director of project operations, said

“Our industry thrives on PowerPoint slides, and they are an expectation during investigator meetings. But video brings the message to life and is far more impactful at conveying information than a screen full of static text. Video can truly be a breath of fresh air at an IM.”

What are you doing to make your next IM a real success, one that drives lasting impact for your study recruitment and education? Start planning now!


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