DAC Wins Best Headline in Rethink Research Awards, MAGI 2015

by Melynda Geurts

This morning, at MAGI’s 2015 Clinical Research Conference in San Diego, the winners of the Rethink Research Awards (a campaign to recognize the best concepts in clinical research rebranding, in hopes of raising public awareness and involvement) were announced. If you’re not familiar with it, you can click here to learn all about the challenge.

DAC is honored to have won the Best Headline award for Clinical Research for Your Future, and Hers (click here to see the submissions).


[pullquote]We envision all great advances in medicine that could happen with increased participation in clinical trials.”[/pullquote]

Patient recruitment is our business, but it’s more than that at DAC. We are passionate about clinical research and getting the word out about clinical trials, to encourage people to get involved. Why? It is through clinical research and trials that new, revolutionary therapies and treatments for a wide range of conditions are discovered. It is our way of helping to enrich the lives of many families around the globe.

Of those eligible to participate in clinical trials less than 10% actually do. We envision all great advances in medicine that could happen with increased participation in clinical trials. Without participants, the research simply won’t take place. Imagine what we could discover if the number of participants was up to 50%!


We are thrilled and honored to be included in the Challenge, and we see this as a springboard towards more meaningful conversations and increased participation in clinical trials. We believe that people want to participate, but the subject just isn’t being talked about enough. A survey conducted a few years ago indicated that people (60%) want to hear about clinical trials from their doctor, but few ever do (24%), (source) and even fewer people knew somebody who participated in a clinical trial. In order to change these statistics we need to start the conversation – get people to talk while addressing their concerns in a straightforward manner.

Here at DAC we will continue to engage patient populations and learn from them before clinical trials start. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

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