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Hope Cullen

Business Insights

Site Motivation: A Key to Study Success

By On September 25, 2019

Motivating clinical research sites is one of the most overlooked factors in the pharmaceutical research industry. Even when sponsors and CROs do acknowledge the issue, they are often at a loss for… Read More

Ancillary Supplies

You Don’t Know if You Don’t Ask

By On July 17, 2018

Paper and pencil are so passé. Technology is being used in all types of studies to collect patient data in a myriad of ways. But even the simplest piece of technology is… Read More

Business Insights

Surviving the Transition Into Clinical Trials: Getting Started

By On April 5, 2018

We recently held the second of our presentation series “Surviving the Transition to Clinical Trials” at JLABS in Toronto. More than 45 people, representing biotech, pharma, and medical device companies, came to… Read More

Questions to ask your ancillary supplies vendor
Ancillary Supplies

7 Questions to Ask Your Ancillary Supplies Vendor

By On June 26, 2017

It’s common for sponsors and CROs to work with vendors to acquire ancillary supplies and ship them to sites. From the outset, it is important to fully understand your vendor’s capabilities and… Read More

Ancillary Supplies

Ordering Study Supplies? Do You Need to Consider the Sunshine Act?

By On June 19, 2017

  We have found that many studies neglect to have plans in place regarding the Sunshine Act. Don’t overlook this! Sunshine Act reporting is required in clinical studies, and it should be… Read More

Ancillary Supplies solutions
Ancillary Supplies

7 Ancillary Supplies Adventures

By On March 20, 2017

At Imperial, we know that selecting, procuring, and delivering ancillary supplies for clinical trials isn’t just loading syringes and Fitbits into FedEx boxes and sending them here and there. It’s as varied… Read More

Site Materials & Logistics

Reclaiming the Power of Paper for Clinical Trial Materials

By On June 15, 2015

We live in a digital world.  Need directions? Use your phone app. Looking for your bank balance? Simply open your mobile banking app and log in. Want to read a book? Just… Read More

HBA Women of the Year 2014
Business Insights

An Evening with HBA’s Woman of the Year, Dr. Annalisa Jenkins

By On September 22, 2014

On the evening of September 18, 2014, I attended the Healthcare Business Women’s Association’s (HBA’s) Woman of the Year event in Chicago and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Annalisa Jenkins, CEO… Read More

organizational leadership
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See Do Get

By On August 12, 2014

A simple strategy for effective organizational leadership In Stephen Covey’s book First Things First the author asserts that, “If we want to create significant change in the results, we can’t just change… Read More

continuous improvement
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Into the Ocean with Only a Paddle

By On July 18, 2014

The Steps of Continuous Improvement As I watched an episode of Aerial America regarding the Hawaiian Islands, I became fascinated with the story of the Polynesians who settled that land approximately 2000… Read More