Staying Compliant with Recalls and Safety Notices

by Ryan Seeley

Recalls and notices are intended to safeguard patients – and also providers. Failure to follow through can put patient safety in jeopardy and lead to other complications. Ignoring or overlooking these recalls and notices can have far-reaching effects.  

Management of recalls and safety notices can be one of the most difficult compliance issues. Critical communications can be easily missed or overlooked.  

Products need to be traceable and accountable through the supply chain. There is always the possibility that a product will eventually need to be quarantined, recalled, and sometimes even destroyed.  

Common issues that occur during a recall can be alleviated by knowing how to respond. In any recall, you should: 

  • Not panic! 
  • Know how to retrieve any affected product.  
  • Know what do with the product once received.  
  • Have a documented procedure and follow it.   
  • Test the procedure plan with a mock recall annually. 

Once a recall is initiated, it’s important to make sure the follow-through is 100 percent. Compliance is not optional — it is the law.  

It’s paramount to have an effective recall strategy that is tested annually. Following a recall plan through to completion will ensure the plan is effective, thereby keeping patients and providers safe. Having a partner – one like Imperial — that understands the significance of recall compliance can be the difference between life and death in extreme cases and success or failure in complying to important regulations.  

In short: Have a plan, stay calm, and follow the plan. 

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