Writing for Clinical Trials

by William McEwen

We’ve just released our latest ebook. It is called 6 Essentials When Writing Content for Clinical Trials; Engage Patients, Sites, and Providers.

Here at Imperial, we generate millions of words for the clinical trial industry every year. Millions? Something like that, anyway. We specialize in writing recruitment, retention, and professional materials for clinical studies. In our new ebook, Imperial’s experienced writers and editors share tips about writing for clinical trials, and we believe you’ll find them useful.

Do you frequently or occasionally find yourself writing or editing text for your clinical trial materials? Patient recruitment documents such as posters, brochures, and online ads? Physician materials such as referral letters and colleague presentations? If so, this ebook is for you.

The first few chapters of the ebook address writing for participants and writing for the physician. Different approaches, but at the core is a good axiom: remember who you are writing for and write for that audience. It’s best if you think of that audience as one person and not a group. Communicate your message one-on-one.

Since most trials are global, your writing will likely need to be translated into other languages. It’s best to write with this in mind to make the translation process go more smoothly. Review your document to see where you can zero in with greater precision. For example, “correct” is a better word choice than “right” because right has multiple meanings.

There is much more to the writing process than just typing away on a keyboard. The ebook provides our perspective on writing by committee – with multiple players and an established bureaucracy in place, delays can take over and personalities can clash. Don’t close your eyes and hope these things won’t happen to your project – you can plan ahead to avoid these snags by getting key stakeholders involved early and by clearly establishing roles and responsibilities.

Learn the best ways to reach a diverse audience, tailor study materials to the audience, and avoid common pitfalls.

Our ebook is free. You don’t need to buy it and you don’t even need a promo code. Just click here to access your copy.

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