Looking Ahead

by Steve Swanson

Each year I take time to put forth my observations about the year ahead. From a geopolitical perspective, I will not enter the fray, except to say as business leaders, the need exists to navigate a variety of waters. One positive event is the improving global economy, which is contributing to better standards of living and an improved quality of life in many places.

In 2018, Imperial will continue to invest in people and infrastructure in our continuing evolution as a go-to supplier for supporting clinical studies. The demand continues for our holistic support model, particularly in the areas of medical equipment, ancillary supplies, and patient engagement solutions. We continue to bring our skills together with efficiencies in technology in powerful ways.

With an improving business climate from a tax perspective, 2018 will see significant investments in people, both in new team members and the enrichment of benefits for our associates worldwide. It’s important we recognize the individuals on our team that contribute to our collective benefit. Additional investment in infrastructure in both our U.S. and U.K. facilities will continue.

And I welcome this opportunity to thank our clients, who continue to place their confidence and trust in us to solve their most pressing needs in new and creative ways. I must also acknowledge the impact on quality of life that our clients provide to an ever-increasing global population. It is personally rewarding for all of us at Imperial to play a role in the overall support network that makes this great work possible.

On behalf of the entire Imperial team, here’s wishing you a successful 2018.

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