Top 5 Blog Posts from 2015

by Kayden Grinwis

This week we’re taking a look back at our top 5 posts from 2015 (actually 6 since we had a tie-so you get one bonus post!) and reflecting on the themes and events that resonated most with you, our audience.  Events and conferences seemed to be big draws along with patient recruitment topics.  What will 2016 hold?  We’ll have to wait and see, but without further ado, here are your top 6 posts for 2015:

5. 25 Reasons People Aren’t Enrolling in Your Clinical Trial.  In just two months this post quickly became one of our top posts for the year.  Patient recruitment and trial enrollment continue to be hot-button topics and this post looking at why people won’t join a trial offers up many reasons we need to keep in mind when designing our trials.

4.  2015:  The State of Big Data for Patient Recruitment, Part 1.  This post mentions some of the different ways that “big data” is used to help boost patient recruitment and goes into greater detail about the use of health claims data to boost pivotal-stage trial design.

3.  Modern Patient Recruitment – How Did We Get Here?  This post from Melynda Geurts looks at traditional recruitment methods and talks about how we arrived at the current state of patient recruitment.

2.  8 Critical Factors for Boosting Site Enrollment Out of the Gate  In an excerpt from one of our popular ebooks (found here) Melynda Geurts discusses 8 critical factors to consider during trial planning stages to ensure your sites are prepared and enrolling patients as soon as possible.

So, what post hold the top spot for 2015?…….

How Snoop Dogg “Disrupted” DIA 2015  “Disruption” is certainly a hot topic throughout the industry right now and this post discusses the surprise performance along with major disruptive trends discussed at DIA 2015.

So, there you have it, our top posts for 2015.  Thanks for following us and keep a lookout for all the great content coming your way in 2016!

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