Imperial Expands Global Footprint with UK Acquisition

by Steve Swanson
global footprint


Global studies are the norm, more often than not in this day and age. As this trend continues, so too must the infrastructure development and the global footprint of companies that support clinical trials.

As of April 2015, Imperial has acquired Four Point Printing Ltd., thus expanding our family of companies. Located in Shepperton in the United Kingdom, Four Point has specialized in the production of clinical trial and regulatory materials since 1985.  Imperial has already supported clinical trials in over 100 countries, and we are committed to further expanding Four Point Printing Ltd. to increase our production capabilities and Global footprint.

Four Point allows us to further support our clients and EU sites. Over the next several months Imperial will be working on integrating systems and teams as well as investing in infrastructure at Four Point.  We will be expanding the capabilities in the facilities to support all Imperial companies including DAC Patient Recruitment Services, ClinicaLingua Translation Services, and Imperial Graphics. Our clients are accustomed to a certain experience when working with any of our companies, and we want to ensure that transcends to wherever they are interacting with us.

It is important for us to bring the Imperial experience to wherever our clients are operating. The addition of Four Point is a step in that direction.

To read the full press release, visit our website.

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