Celebrating Medical Heroes @ Site Solutions Summit

by Melynda Geurts
SCRS Site Solutions Summit

This weekend I attended the Site Solutions Summit, which was nestled within the Omni Resort on Amelia Island, FL. The event was hosted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) and sponsored by 27 Global Impact Partners, including DAC Patient Recruitment Services. Attendees included over 600 representatives of clinical research sites, sponsors, CROs, and service providers.

As I have a brief moment to stop and reflect on the great interactions among all, it was refreshing to hear TransCelerate BioPharma’s overall mission of positive changes to the clinical trial process. And even more exciting is the fact that sites are lending their voices to guide and support this mission.

[pullquote]Collaboration actually “happens” at the Summit and it’s not just a buzz word.[/pullquote]

Collaboration actually “happens” at the Summit and it’s not just a buzz word. Further evidence of this came Sunday morning at 0700, when 81 runners and walkers showed up to participate in a 5K/3K Fun Run & Walk to celebrate and support the medical heroes who participate in clinical trials. DAC Patient Recruitment Services hosted the event as part of the Summit.

And among the attendees, we had 3 PATIENTS join us as well!!  Our hats off to these individuals. At the end of day, the sharing of their personal experiences participating in a clinical trial makes it all worthwhile.

SCRS represents 1,500 sites across 39 countries and is growing. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to spend my weekend among a group of people making change happen!

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