Podcast Episode #03: It’s All About Connections!

by Melynda Geurts

DAC and Remedy Health Media Connect and Empower Potential Clinical Trial Participants

“Each month our online sites attract over 30 million unique visitors actively seeking treatment options for medical conditions which, coincidentally, match DAC’s forty plus areas of therapeutic focus,” states Dennis Upah, executive vice president of Enterprise Markets at Remedy Health Media. Upah discusses the DAC-Remedy relationship with Melynda Geurts, vice president of DAC Patient Recruitment Services. Sponsors and CROs hear in this podcast valuable food for thought to consider when planning clinical trial recruitment and retention programs.

In this podcast, you’ll learn to efficiently reach e-empowered patients and caregivers dealing with chronic conditions and seeking information online. Talk to the right people at the right time by:

• Reaching 30 million monthly site visitors searching for medical treatment options
• Targeting site geographies – Avoid re-fishing the same waters of pre-existing databases
• Utilizing Trial Recruitment Centers – Akin to a clinical trial online screener on steroids
• Tracking and collecting metrics – Receive measurable return on investment

Listen Now:

You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript of this episode here, provided by CastingWords.

For more information on our partnership with Remedy Health Media, check out our recent press release!


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