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Ancillary Supplies for Clinical Trials: A Project Management Approach

Logic and common sense will only get you so far. Learn how project management essentials can keep your ancillary supplies costs and timelines under control.

The Pocket Guide to Global Clinical Trial Strategy: 6 Components of an Effective Global Strategy

With the globalization of clinical trials rapidly expanding, the industry’s practices are shifting. We’ve selected some of our most popular blog posts that speak to the topic and compiled them into one handy ebook.

How to Turn Around a Slow-Enrolling Trial: 6 Practical Solutions for Life Science Professionals

Patient enrollment poses a serious challenge to all stakeholders in drug development across the globe. In this ebook, we’ll take a look at some of the common factors that cause enrollment challenges, and six practical solutions for combating them.

Tricks of the Trade: Recruitment and Retention Planning for Different Study Types

In efforts to raise the bar for medical advancement, clinical trials are growing increasingly complex. This complexity, more often than not, leads to costly delays in enrollment. In this ebook, we'll take a look at 4 case studies for different study types, and examine the unique factors to consider during planning.

Pocket Guide to Archiving Regulations: Maintain Compliance & Drive Efficiencies at Study Closeout

Being able to easily manage the site archive process and the TMF protects your company from significant content and regulatory risk. In this pocket guide, we’ll dissect the critical regulations that impact your compliance and identify the most common challenges to achieving it. We’ll also provide tips for driving efficiencies during your study closeout process.

Your Patients Are Here: Where to Recruit & How to Retain Highly Engaged Patients

We deliver your patients by bringing to you the most sophisticated targeting tactics to put your study directly in front of highly engaged patients and caregivers. In this ebook, we’ll take a look at how some of these tactics work and the successes that they’ve had.

The Pocket Guide to Logistics: Ensuring Efficient Delivery of Clinical Study Materials

International logistics should be a team effort. Anyone involved in a transaction can unintentionally cost a company thousands of dollars if certain details are overlooked. Regardless of your title, you should be aware of certain logistics details and understand the caveats to simply slapping on a label and loading your materials onto a truck.

Patient Recruitment & Retention 101: How to Thrive in Today’s Recruitment & Retention Landscape

With the globalization of clinical trials rapidly expanding, the industry’s practices are shifting. Despite the many tools and techniques available, patient recruitment continues to cause expensive delays in the majority of clinical trials. In this ebook, we examine the patient recruitment landscape today and outline what you can do to improve your success with recruitment and retention.

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