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DAC and Diana Foster to Co-Host Webinar on Partnering With Sites

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Oct 7, 2015


For more information, contact:
Brandon Bissell
(616) 784-0100

DALLAS (October 7, 2015)— DAC Patient Recruitment Services, a leading patient recruitment services organization, will co-host the webinar, “Partnering With Sites: A Business Development Strategy,” with special guest and industry veteran, Diana Foster, on October 27 at 12:30 p.m. (ET). [Register Here]

Melynda Geurts, DAC Vice President of Operations at DAC, will join Diana Foster, industry veteran, to discuss the importance of partnering with and leveraging sites for patient recruitment success.

In the webinar, Geurts and Foster will cover:
• Sites’ historical responsibilities regarding recruitment
• How sponsors should evaluate site feasibility and selection with the use of big data
• Methods used to create a successful partnership with sites and prepare them for success
• Training techniques for sites to maximize vendor relationships

“Research sites play the most critical role in the conduct of clinical trials,” says Geurts. “Not only are they responsible for operationalizing the protocol, but they must establish and forge long-term relationships with their study participants. Throughout this webinar, we will explore how Sponsors should evaluate their partnerships with sites.”

To follow Guerts’ statement, Foster adds: “it is imperative to enrollment success to build a relationship with the research site that sets forth strong and clear expectations related to enrollment goals. Striving to work together in partnership to meet goals and to help sites better understand the recruitment process will ultimately provide the most successful outcomes.”

For more information, or to register for this free webinar, visit:

About DAC
DAC Patient Recruitment Services is proud to be part of the Imperial family of companies—a clinical research support organization also comprising ClinicaLingua Translation Services and Imperial Graphics. Together, these three vertically integrated brands focus on patient recruitment, translation services, and site material production, fulfillment and global distribution. Working in synergy with its sister companies, DAC provides start-to-finish clinical trial solutions with the power of three companies through the convenience of one contact and one contract.  -  800-451-0322

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