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Trusted Clinical Trial Support

From our inception in 1945, Imperial Graphics has maintained a consistent focus and dedication to providing quality innovative solutions for our customers. Originating as a high end print provider, Imperial Graphics began to serve the life sciences industry almost four decades ago with specialized clinical trial data collection materials. Our direction has remained steadfast, continually expanding our offerings for site material solutions. We now offer not only a breadth of materials such as PRO documents, retention and recruitment materials, regulatory binders and more. But also custom tailored site kits, investigator meeting materials, and services that aid in your site closure process.

Being a part of the Imperial family of companies, Imperial Graphics is part of an organization that delivers a unique solution set in support of clinical trials not seen elsewhere in the industry. With our sister companies DAC Patient Recruitment Services and ClinicaLingua Translation Management, our clients can leverage the strength of 3 companies via 1 contact. Click here to learn more.