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Recruitment and Retention Tools

Patient Recruitment and Retention

Virtual Clinical Studies

By On October 26, 2017

Over the last several decades, the clinical research industry has been riddled with the challenge of meeting enrollment goals on time. Eighty percent of trials fall short of their goals. Moreover, the industry… Read More

Patient Recruitment and Retention

Patient Engagement: Is There an App for That?

By On October 12, 2017

With patient attrition rates in clinical trials on the rise, retention strategies and tools must be constantly refreshed, refined, and even invented. Truly patient-centric approaches to aid retention are called for. How… Read More

Site Materials & Logistics

Developing High-Quality Printed Materials for Clinical Trials

By On February 10, 2014

There are three major categories of printed materials supporting clinical trials: 1) Recruitment and Retention Tools, 2) Data Collection Tools and 3) Site Reference Tools. Why differentiate? Because the intended use of the… Read More