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Translation Agencies – Will the Future Need Us?

By On November 30, 2017

Returning from the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) Language Industries Summit 2017, I reflected on an emerging theme that threaded across the presentations and discussion topics. Like the gas lamplighters of the 1800s,… Read More

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Translation of Study Materials

The Untold Truth of Translation Projects

By On December 22, 2014

In the past week alone you’ve conveyed hundreds of thoughts, images and ideas to other people using language. Unfortunately, this is often a one-sided act. What you probably don’t often think about are the… Read More

Translation of Study Materials

Translation on Trial: Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Study

By On February 21, 2014

As clinical trials continue their current course of global expansion, translation has become a critical component in developing patient recruitment materials. But all translation companies are not created equal. Before hiring a vendor… Read More