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Ancillary Supplies

7 Ancillary Supplies Adventures

By On March 20, 2017

At Imperial, we know that selecting, procuring, and delivering ancillary supplies for clinical trials isn’t just loading syringes and Fitbits into FedEx boxes and sending them here and there. It’s as varied… Read More

site partnerships
Patient Recruitment and Retention

Cultivating Site Partnerships for Maximum Recruitment Success

By On October 13, 2015

There is a lot of emphasis today on the relationship between sites, sponsors and their CRO partners. Site sustainability and strong partnerships that help cultivate the success of clinical research sites is… Read More

Business Insights

End of Study Tasks – Going Beyond the Checklist

By On January 20, 2015

How exciting, it’s finally time to close the Study! Not so exciting – the task list and documentation required to get things in order. Many of our customers have CRA’s or other… Read More

big data
Patient Recruitment and Retention

Podcast Episode #04: Big Data Comes to Fruition

By On December 11, 2014

– Data-Driven Approaches to Streamlining Study Planning Processes – Perspectives of big data have done a complete 180 in the last 10 years. Sponsors and CRO’s are seeking to lessen cycle times… Read More

outsourcing partnership
Business Insights

Outsourcing Partnerships: Factors You Need to Consider

By On December 5, 2014

There are few examples of truly innovative outsourcing partnerships in the life sciences. These partnerships bring together two or more companies in a structurally integrated manner to yield untapped efficiencies. The most… Read More

site selection
Site Materials & Logistics

Tried & True Principles for Global Site Selection

By On October 30, 2014

The drug development industry has seen a seismic shift in the past decade with regards to how investigative sites are identified and selected for clinical trials. Like many other aspects of our… Read More

government research grants
Business Insights

Big News for Small Sites Seeking Research Grants, Part II

By On September 15, 2014

– A Q&A on Government Research Grants – In the first segment of this two-part blog series, we heard from Johnna Medina (University of Texas, Austin), a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student, on… Read More

government funded research grants
Business Insights

Big News for Small Sites Seeking Research Grants

By On August 6, 2014

A Q&A with Johnna Medina, a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Texas, regarding government-funded research grants. Part I of II Who pays for clinical research? Nearly 75% of clinical… Read More

adaptive clinical trials
Business Insights

Only the Lean and Limber Need Apply

By On June 27, 2014

Adaptive Clinical Trials: 6 Traits to Look for in a Vendor Adaptive is a word that has graced the life science industry for decades. By definition adaptive is showing or having a… Read More

multinational clinical trials
Patient Recruitment and Retention

Podcast Episode #02: Winning in the World of Multinational Clinical Trials

By On June 24, 2014

Winning in the World of Multinational Clinical Trials 45% of clinical trials are conducted exclusively in non-U.S. countries, and only 6% are registered in both the U.S. and rest of world. The… Read More